Is It Right? Is It Wrong?

The last couple of days have been crazy! Maybe it’s the holiday rush, lack of parking and over crowded restaurants and malls. I just don’t know.

On Wednesday’s Signing Time Chat we got off on a tangent about closets, which turned into the ever-important question who is the designated “Folder” of laundry, in your home? (Inquiring minds may not want to know, but Aaron is very skilled at folding clothes. I am not.) I shared that Aaron’s pet peeve is when I put my tops in the laundry and they are inside out. He has strong feelings about that! And then I shared that we do not have dressers, this immediately cuts down on the amount of folding one must do! And the question came up – “Do you hang everything up? What about sweaters?”

And we began a lesson in hanging sweaters! Most people say you cannot/should not hang sweaters because they stretch out or the hangers leave marks. Well those people don’t have access to Marcus. I know I have mentioned Marcus before and you may have seen him in some special features. Marcus does all of the wardrobe on Signing Time. He has taught me SO much about clothing, steaming and yes how to hang a sweater! (Shouldn’t you have a man teach you all of those things?) And now I will pass on this sage knowledge to you!!

Now imagine you are in the chat with us and here are the instruction you got-
1. Go get a sweater and a hanger – (seriously go get them!)
2. Fold the sweater in half, so it looks like you have half of a sweater.
3. Put the sweater on your lap so it makes an upside down “V”. The armpit is the inner V.
4. Now pick up your hanger. You want the inner V to touch the hanger hook with the outer arms of the V draping over the hanger arms.

And here is what we got: Jana’s Blog Jana invented an entirely new way to hang a sweater. Perhaps the problem was my instruction! We also discovered that Jana is THE Fastest Blogger in the Land. Way to multi-task – chatting, snapping photos and blogging all with one hand.

We also have an entry from Cathy: Cathy’s Blog Cathy invented the “sweater tuck” a way to keep the sweater from slipping off when your triplets are running around with it.

We were laughing so hysterically, that Lucy hollered from her bed, “Mom! What are you doing?”

When I went to my closet to quickly take a photo of my sweaters… to demonstrate the RIGHT way. I found that almost all of them were hung up the WRONG way. Only 2 of 9 sweaters were hung up the RIGHT way! (Ok, there are about 5 more sweaters hung wrong that I conveniently left out of the picture.)

Hanging Sweaters
I don’t think Marcus would be proud.
Maybe I can get Marcus to do a special feature in an upcoming Signing Time DVD!

And if that weren’t enough. Yesterday we had someone come install some glass mosaic tiles over some old blue tiles on a fireplace. After the tiles were all set and he left I took a closer look and realized that every tile had been set face down! So here’s another note from your friend Rachel. Paper-faced tiles are set with the paper side out. Mesh-backed tiles are set mesh side down. I can’t tell you how silly WE felt calling our tile setter to let him know the entire thing was done completely wrong.

Glass mosaic tile fireplace

The secret is “paper FACED” that means the paper is on the face or front of the tile.

Paper Faced mosaic tile mishap

I’ll keep you posted on the fireplace.

6 thoughts on “Is It Right? Is It Wrong?

  1. I am still laughing about chat! Did you ever find out if Marcus approves of the “tuck”? I found it amusing when I started telling my friend about the sweater folding and she told me to hold one while she ran to get a sweater and hanger. I tell you, it’s spreading like wild fires! What world crisis will we solve next week?

  2. Since I’m one-handed right now I’m having my husband read this to learn the sweater hanging trick so he can re-hang all my sweaters! Think of another Marcus/Rachel tip to share with us next week, we’d love it!

  3. Oh man I’m sorry I missed all the fun in chat! I look forward to the Marcus feature on a future DVD about hanging sweaters. I’m getting one for Christmas and hope I can figure out how to hang it properly!

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