How To Dress For The Emmys

How To Dress For the Emmys, as if I know!
When people hear about my Emmy nomination, the first question is “What are you wearing?” I have to admit, this has kept me up at night. The countdown is on, I will be in New York City June 13 for the Emmy Awards.

Imagine you are a regular mom who is blogging in her pajamas at her cluttered kitchen table, and YOU have the chance to go to the Emmys. Is the panic attack setting in yet? It sure doesn’t help that you flip through magazines in the salon and notice each magazine has a “Worst Dressed” section for every event ever. (Great!)

So, if any of you have wondered, “What is Rachel going to wear?” I am going to answer that by blogging this adventure until we all come up with a good answer.

The Good News & The Bad News…
Believe it or not, there are two Emmy Award evenings. They do this because there are so many categories and awards and not all categories are televised. I mean who wants to see who got Outstanding Grip, or Outstanding Gaffer or Outstanding Best Boy? I have been doing Signing Time for 7 years now and STILL have no idea if we have a Grip or Gaffer. Anyway, the televised awards are being held in Los Angeles at the Kodak Theatre June 21. The awards that are not televised will be in New York City June 13. Last year my category, “Outstanding Performer in A Children’s Series” was televised, this year it is not. It feels less stressful to me to go to the awards that are not televised and the date works better too. We have cancelled so many family vacations each year for Signing Time. An event on June 21 would have landed in our family trip this year, and we have cancelled one already.

Back to THE Dress and a Little Background…
My Grandmother is Alyce King.
Alyce King

She is one of The King Sisters.
The King Sisters
Our family had the King Family Television Show before I was born. The famous designer Bob Mackie used to design all of the King Sister’s and King Family’s gowns and costumes. Since I was not born yet, I thought it would be SO wonderful if I could get a Mackie gown! I called in a favor and they took my call! Sadly Mackie is not doing couture gowns anymore but they do have a warehouse of things and his partner Joe asked me to go try on gowns, take photos and send them to him so we could see what style and length we like.

I walk into Nordstrom and they have 6 gowns, 3 of which look so pageanty I don’t even bother, these gowns. Then I started thinking, who buys these anyway? I should go to Nordstrom Rack where all un-bought gowns go! In the meantime I started searching Ebay (YES I used GoodShop with Signing Time Foundation as my foundation of choice!) and I searched my size and gown. I quickly discovered I needed to search MINUS “wedding” and “night”. Well, I was surprised at some of the great things that came up. I actually ended up buying one of the dresses (a brand new $480 dress for less than $70 including shipping) and I found another dress that I just love and I emailed the seller and asked if they would just give it to me! LOL They are asking $400, puh-lease! I also said that I know it is a crazy request, but they could donate it to my foundation as a write-off, or I could return it AND I would blog about their store if they did… I haven’t heard back.
(To be continued…)
P.S. for some reason I can’t upload photos (ARGH) webmaster is working feverishly to fix this.

3 thoughts on “How To Dress For The Emmys

  1. Rachel, thank you for the diligent sacrifice that you and your entire family make for Signing Time. You are a witness to so many people; you inspire and encourage…and all the while, you are still just a “regular mom who is blogging in her pajamas at her cluttered kitchen table”. 🙂 I love reading your blog and missed the couple of weeks we didn’t hear from you. (I’ve enjoyed your Ghana posts.) As for the Emmy’s: what a deal on the dress! If you wanted to wear a wedding dress, I would donate MINE to you, I would love to see it put to good use…..good thing you decided against a wedding dress, though. lol. (Can’t wait to see photos!)

  2. Ray, best wishes for your upcoming Emmy night. I know the perfect dress is out there somewhere. That is so awesome if you got to use one of the dresses Mackie designed! And luck is on your side: Cait’s birthday is the 13th and Brian’s is the 21st! We are rooting for you.


  3. I did put up some posts, but have been dealing with even bigger blog issues since April. No photos would post and no notices went out when I blogged (WAH!)

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