20 Dresses

Since Nordstrom was a bust I went to Nordstrom Rack. Turns out “The Rack” is a formal gown Mecca! There were at least 6 round racks that were overflowing with dresses. You know when a rack is so full you can hardly pull the items you want off? Yeah, that was what I was dealing with there. Plus none of the dresses were hanging under the right size, so I peeked one by one at hundreds of dresses finding ones I liked and then hoping they were my size. I found 20 Emmy “consideration” dresses to try on!

If you would like a workout that will have you break out in a sweat and cause muscle cramps in muscles you did not know existed, go try on formal gowns alone. You should have seen me twisting and turning trying to get those zippers up. I only zipped up my skin twice.

Since I am only 5′ 2″ I found that side zippers tend to buckle up rather than lie flat, I just don’t have enough torso! And REALLY, what kind of bra can you even wear with an evening gown? I don’t know about you, but I nursed both my girls and an evening gown does NOTHING for me in the bust area. I know, too much information!

In college I had a roommate who did pageants. She was the reigning Miss American Fork, which sounds odd if you don’t know that there is a town in Utah called American Fork LOL. Back then she told me that they would literally tape everything up that needed to go up and tape everything down that needed to stay down before putting on their dresses. I used to steal her sash and run around the apartment wearing it, hollering, “I am Miss American Fork!” I was actually the antithesis of pageantry at the time, driving around in a ’76 VW Bus in my flannel shirts, cut off shorts, Doc Martin boots and toting my guitar. Now I think I might need to call in my roommate’s pageant wardrobe skills, secrets and roll of tape. I might also owe her an apology. 😉

I ended up buying 5 of the dresses to take home and take pictures in them. Two of the five are not really gowns, but I liked the shorter lengths and figured variety is always good. I have no intention of wearing white I just got those to see different styles. I sent the pictures to Joe.

What are your thoughts?

Dress 1Dress 2Dress 3

Dress 5

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30 thoughts on “20 Dresses

  1. I like the shape of #1 and the necklines of #1 and #4.

    I would say if you are 5’2″ then nothing that don’t choose anything that goes across your waist like #3. When I saw #3 I thought right away that it made you look short. #2 & 4 seem to not do that I guess because it’s the same color as the gown?

    #5 isn’t fitted enough. Looks too much like a mommy and not enough like a super star!

    I hope it’s orange. 🙂

  2. I like the third dress (empire waist) & the gold ones the best. I know you didn’t intend on wearing the white dress but it really looks fabulous!! Those self adhesive bras really work wonders when you need have lift! Wear your hair up with a few dangling pieces and HOT HOT earrings!! And did I mention sexy high heels to match!! Have fun!! 🙂

  3. We like the light blue dress! Number 4, the gold one, would be okay for a summer tea, it does look good on you [:)]

  4. Marcus (wardrobe) has already taken the big goofy bow off the gold dress. I’ll have to find a fabulous brooch for it instead. Once the dress is set we will move on to shoes, jewelry and hand bags. Oh My!

  5. I like #2 the best. I know that you didn’t intend to wear white but, #2 and #3 look fabulous on you! #1 is a bit too shiny in the mid-section and the horizontal line across your hips draws attention. Anytime you have a horizontal line, it creates a stopping point for your eyes. I don’t know about you but, those are the two places I do NOT want people to notice on me!!! 🙂 You will be beautiful in no matter what dress you choose because you’re beauty TRULY shines from the inside and shows in your face! Have a wonderful evening!

  6. I love the gold one on you but kind of agree that the bow looked awkward! The second white dress (with the empire waist) is beautiful on you. For some reason, the blue one keeps making me think of a night gown my mother had back in the 80’s. Sorry!

  7. I like dress #2 (think greek goddess). The cut of it shows off your buff upper body with a neckline that seems to lift and separate LOL. Have fun with the shoes. Earrings only would make jewelry easier. Can’t help you with the hand bag since my one and only is pretty much a back pack. Have tons of fun playing dress up!

  8. Rachel: Wow, you look great in all of them, but I think #3 (who cares if its white–you’ll be in Cali!) looks GORGEOUS on you! Take that red carpet by storm; blow kisses to all the paparazzi, and have a blast!

  9. I like 2, 3, and 4.

    Makes you look taller.
    Nice neckline.
    That line across your waist doesn’t seem right.

    Makes you look TALL!
    Love the line things on this one. Their opposite color makes them not look horrible. 😀
    Bottom is frilly.
    Can’t seem to think of any. 🙂

    It’s yellow!
    Nice neckline.
    doesn’t look horrible
    Makes you look short. (No offense!)

  10. Oh, yeah. I think you should wear your hair up and have earrings. Wear white or gold high heels. I think a gold handbag would look good with dresses 2-5. A white handbag would look OK with any of the dresses.

    But who cares what you wear! You’ll look great no matter what!

  11. Rachel: My vote is for dress #2 in a brillant canary yellow,tangerine sunset,deep jade green or a cool ocean blue. With your beautiful coloring and mischievious smile, one of these gem colored summer choices will really pop. The classic,romantic,crepe billowy flow of dress #2 seems to call back the days of legendary female stars who carried themselves with grace and poise. Good Luck! Whatever you chose to wear on Emmy Night please make sure it shows the radiance inside of you, then it will be the right dress in the right color. P.S. Then when you are back at your hotel (with Emmy in hand) you can change into comfy clothes hehe.

  12. I like the shimmery blue one. You should totally wear it with a tiara, if you choose to wear that gown, or at least some equally-shimmery rhinesone clips.

    But that may be just because I’m a girl and easily distracted by shiny objects, LOL.

  13. Where to begin? First, I love that you are shopping for Emmy gown inspiration at the Rack. LOVE! Second, I know you can’t wear that orange sweater all the time but still… And third, I <3 the first and second gowns. They have similar necklines that are very flattering. The drop waist on the first really shows off your narrow waist and gorgeous curves so I’d lean that direction. I can’t wait to see the final product! Last but not least, congrats on your Emmy nom!! It’s well deserved. I know it might be tough to compete against Bindi but show business is tough. Kick some bootay. 🙂

  14. Rachel, congrats on the Emmy nomination. I also love the first and second gowns. When I first saw the pictures my eyes went straight for the silvery baby blue gown. Have fun!

  15. I am similar to you… love comfort and clothes I can get down and dirty in. Anyway, my first pick would be the 3rd gown. I read you aren’t shooting for white, but it truly makes you look like some kind of Goddess. The Empire waist, the way it flows around you, and the simple embelishments… You look Gorgeous in it! My 2nd pick would be the blue one. However, I can’t even begin to compare it to the 3rd one.

    I wouldn’t go with the last one. It just doesn’t look dressy enough.

    Good luck!

  16. I love 1 and 2. You will look great no matter what you wear!! Good luck, we’ll have out fingers crossed for you!

  17. Fun dresses! I actually like the last two the best. But If I was to pick one of the longer ones I think I’d pick the second white one. And out of the shorter ones…the goldish one. Good luck!

  18. They are all beautiful, but I really like #3. Hope you have a great evening, and best wishes! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

  19. What!??! No yellow & orange??? No one will know who you are! JK

    I’m not fond of the neck line on #3 but the rest look great. I’m partial to the black one(that is more my style). Good Luck!

  20. I LOVE the gold dress, very classy. The blue one is second for me. The two white dresses look like something from “Clash of the Titans” LOL Have fun!

  21. Number 3! You are gorgeous in it! Number 2 is quite lovely, also. My whole family is perterbed that your Emmy will not be televised. 🙁

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  23. I think white looks good on you. I like #3 best- it makes you look taller and it’s really elegant.
    (This site finally let me register- woohoo!)

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