So Many Comments So Little Time

I leave Thursday for New York, Thursday! This is completely surreal my friends.

I have to say that the 20 Dresses post has received more comments than any other post on my Blog. Isn’t it great to be able to have some say on the matter? Aaron and I were reading htrough the comments. He is so funny. When he read the post and hit the part about nursing he said, “Ray I bet guys read this too!” I started laughing and I said, “Yeah and most of them know exactly what I am talking about.”

In addition to the comments, I received email messages from family and friends weighing in on their thoughts on the photos. So let me say I LOVED your feedback and some of you had me cracking up, “The blue one makes me think of my mother’s night gown in the 80’s” or “I love that you are shopping for Emmy gown inspiration at The Rack” or the suggestions with how to deal with only being 5′ 2″. And yes, I did actually look for an orange or copper dress, to no avail… so far. I appreciate you all and am so glad that I have a panel of people who care, that I can bounce this stuff off of.

I admit I am a coupon cutting, deal hunting mom. I subcribe to and I don’t even have a baby. I shop the Sale section first of every on-line store and every brick and mortar store. I LOVE a good deal! Yes, I am one of those people who, when you say, “I love that dress!” answers, “I got it for $39 at TJMAXX!” (As if you asked!) Although Aaron LOVES that I love a good deal, he hates that I often announce it to the world. So I think he was a little annoyed by my last post over-all! HAHA.

I tend to think I am doing my part to help out other mom’s who may get invited to an award show. Maybe the original post should have been called, How To Dress For The Emmys and Spend Under $300!

Back to the dresses. I returned both of the white dresses. The bow has been removed from the gold dress. The Ebay dress came in the mail and is FABULOUS but is a good 6 inches too long. I am having it altered today, since I can’t return it anyway. Pictures to come! We are cutting this too close aren’t we?

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4 thoughts on “So Many Comments So Little Time

  1. Can’t wait to see the ebay dress! I’m sure that no matter what you wear you’ll look fabulous. I love the gold and blue dress but you’re right about the blue dress, sorta like lingerie but still looks good though! I did like the necklines of the white dresses too. I didn’t mind the bow too much in the gold dress but I defer to Marcus, he has awesome taste. By the way I’m a new fan of TJMaxx thanks to you! 🙂 I am big time into deals and coupon hunting too- we’ll need to chat about that sometime!

  2. Wow! It’s so thrilling to go on this “Dress for the Emmys” journey with you Rachel. Thanks for inviting we girls (and guys per Aaron LOL) along for the ride. I’m so glad you found a FABULOUS dress to wear(and a great price is scoring an awesome bonus). In my experience,once a great dress is chosen all the other details just fall into place. Walk that carpet with your head held high, knowing that you carry the love, support, and best wishes from your Signing Time!friends and family. Have fun RockStar Rachel!!!!!!

  3. Wow- Emmy dresses!! How exciting! I know you’re leaving tomorrow, but I have to say I like the gold dress (too bad it’s not orange!) AND I also like dress #5, though no-one else seems to! YOU ARE a mommy- why not look like one!? The fabulous thing is being nominated, and
    GOING to the event in the first place! Congrats on your nomination… and one more thing:
    I have just started watching the Baby Signing Times DVDs with my 17-1/2 month old twins,
    Alex and Sophie… so far, I’ve been the one doing all the signing, and neither of them
    has come out with any “real” sounding speech… until two days ago. I came home from
    work, had Sophie on my lap and asked her “are you ready to eat dinner?” to which she
    signed “eat” perfectly!! Her very first official word- and it was in sign language! So, a hu
    HUGE thank-you for your wonderful videos and unforgetably (sp?) beautiful music! Congrats and have fun in NYC!

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