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Aaron and I arrived in NYC today around 3:00. We have been having a blast! When we got in the taxi at the airport I looked at Aaron and said, “I think this is the nicest taxi I have ever seen!” He looked at me and said, “Ray, you’re not in Ghana!” Oh yeah, those were the worst taxis I had ever seen and now I have come to expect that.

We checked into our room, unpacked and found a place that would press Aaron’s shirt in time for the event tomorrow. We grabbed a slice of white pizza, our favorite, and entered the lottery for Wicked tickets. Each day they do a drawing for the 25 seats in the first row, these seats are sold at an serious discount, but they have to draw your name. We both entered, neither one of us won.

We have seen so many other Broadway shows we decided to just run around Manhattan. We ate my favorite meal, Chicken Scarpariello, at my favorite restaurant Carmine’s.

Chicken Scarpariello at Carmines

Around midnight we took a bicycle-rickshaw to the Empire State Building. Luckily, we caught the last elevator of the night. We went up to the 86th floor. It is a warm clear night and the views were breathtaking.

view 1 from empire state buildingview 3 from empire state buildingview 4 from empire state buildingview 5 from empire state building

In the Empire State Building store there was model built from Legos. I thought Leah and Alex would love this!

Empire State Lego BuildingEmpire State Lego street Empire State Lego close up

Speaking of Leah, my mom said that Leah said the cutest prayer tonight. She said, “Please bless my mom with all of my luck, plus the luck of everyone who wants her to win the Emmy.” She is so cute. For the past two weeks she has chimed in to just about every conversation, “Did you hear the news? My mom was nominated for an Emmy!” Neighbors, teachers, doctors, strangers and grocery store clerks alike are all being informed of “The News” by Leah.

We walked back to Times Square in search of a cannoli. No luck, everything had closed.

Aaron and Rachel Coleman Times Square

Here’s a question, what form of transportation should we take to the Emmy’s tomorrow? There are so many to choose. A)Town car B) Taxi C) Rickshaw-Bicycle D) Horse drawn carriage E) Subway

Question #2 What time should we arrive? They serve dinner and cocktails at 4:30. The award ceremony starts at 7. (You do realize that this means that my hair and make up have to look good for 5-6 hours! YIKES!) Do we arrive at 4:30 or does that look to eager? What about 5, not too eager and not too late. I doubt I am going to eat, I think I will be too nervous. So? What time would you arrive?

Here’s our agenda for tomorrow: Pick up Aaron’s shirt at 1. My hair appointment at 2. Make-up at 4. Emmy dinner at 4:30. Awards at 7. Run around New York in a fancy dress after that! Maybe even get a cupcake at the famous Magnolia Bakery!

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9 thoughts on “Live From New York

  1. You two look like your on a second honeymoon! How fabulous for you no matter how it turns out in the end. For what it’s worth, you have our vote. Sunshine told me this morning after I explained that you were going up against Elmo that “Elmo is for little kids but Signing Time is for EVERYONE”!!! Enjoy yourself. Take deep breaths. I probably wouldn’t worry about getting there in time for dinner. You will be GAW-GEOUS!!!

  2. Great pics! To answer your questions:
    1) A
    2) Arrive for dinner & cocktails just a little after 4:30. You can network with people until the ceremony. The time will fly!!!

    I think I’ll hook up my computer to the big tv so our family can watch the webcast together tonight. We’re all thinking positive and picturing you getting your Emmy!!!!

    Hugs friend!

  3. I love the pics! Looks & sounds like a blast…makes me miss NY!! I vote for the carriage ride! Take a deep breath & realize that everyone there will want to meet you, especially after your WIN! We will be watching & cheering you on.
    P.S. For a good deal, you must go to Canal St in Chinatown…that’s where all the knockoffs are (never pay what they ask. Always tell them lower than you want to pay& negotiate from there). Then stroll over to Little Italy for a cannoli. YUM!

  4. Rach, (can I call you Rach? hehe)

    If I were nominated for an Emmy, I would arrive whenever the heck I felt like it. Who cares if people are giggling when you arrive 10 minutes before the red carpet is rolled out? IT’S YOUR NIGHT! By the same token, who cares if you arrive just as the curtain goes up because you decided to eat at one of NY’s finest restaurants instead of picking at some pretentious appetizers for a few hours. I say, “do what you want to do.” But by all means, be sure to remember that you’re a star. Allow no one to look you directly in the face. Wear gloves so as not to get any pedestrian germs when shaking hands. And throw a fit if anyone dares to offer you anything but the finest champagne. Hey, when in Rome…

    I changed my facebook status to “Lori hopes Rachel from Signing Time wins an Emmy tonight.” I guess Leah could feel our prayers! Best wishes and ENJOY!!!

  5. This is SOOOOOOOOOOO cool, Rachel. It’s so neat to be able to live this through you and your words. I’m so very excited for you.

    I think the horse drawn carriage sounds like a nice transportation method – and fun, too! Get there when you want to get there and just have FUN!!!!! I agree with the other poster – it’s your night, and you should enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

    And the winner is ……. Rachel Coleman with Signing Time!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear that.

  6. Well, nuts! I’ve been watching the webcast, as has been my 4 year old daughter, Kate. We were so excited when they got to your category. BUMMER!!! In our book, you are the Emmy QUEEN. Kate signs “signing time” on a daily basis. At bedtime when we are saying our bedtime prayers and thanking God for three things, you often make the list. Kate will sign “thank you” and then “signing time” — not an Emmy, but to me — so much better. Hope your night was fun anyway.

    We are excited about seeing the dress! 🙂


  7. Robert & I turned to each other and screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”
    I must say it was really cool to see Signing Time up there with nationally known shows though.
    I still think you’re the best.

    SO….. what mode of transportation did you decide on? didja go green?

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