This is the sign for COACH

Last Thursday, I became a Bradley Birth Coach.  Twelve weeks of 2 hour classes and it’s official.  😉 I even have a card to prove it.  I told my friend Natalie that I would flash my card around The Birth Center so there would be no question of who is the boss.  Our birth class teacher said, “Rachel if you plan on showing that card to anyone, I am not going to give it to you!”  She ended up giving it to me and now I am going to show it to all of you!

Official Coach Card

Official Coach Card

The good news is that I had a great event in Oklahoma last weekend AND Natalie did not go into labor!  Whew!  (So far there is no bad news) Natalie was due on September 21st, so, she could be having a baby any time now.  (Cue dramatic music)  I leave for Oregon tomorrow afternoon.  I fly from Oregon to Colorado on Saturday.  I return home Sunday night.  If she goes into labor this weekend, it will be interesting.  I have saved miles on Delta and on Southwest, and I am not afraid to use them.

My friend Brooke told me that her friend Brandy knows Natalie, small world.  They came to that realization through an odd conversation that went something like this.


Brandy: “My friend Natalie is pregnant and she asked the Signing Time lady to be her birth coach.”     

Brooke: “How random!  Do they know each other or is Natalie just a fan of the show?”


This cracks me up.  I imagine an email that goes like this, “Dear Rachel, Our family loves Signing Time. You are such a big part of our lives.  We feel like we practically know you.  I know you believe that children should be introduced to ASL as early as possible so, we would like to invite you to the birth of our next child.  Please wear your orange sweater and colored tape on your fingers.”  

For all of you wondering if I am now providing labor support services in addition to entertaining sign language DVD’s the answer is: Yes, I will do that for you, if you have been my friend for 20 years. Why not?!

This morning my brother Christian called to say his wife, Rachael, had a 7 lbs 12 oz baby boy, their second boy.  I believe the count is now 14 unmedicated/natural births of nieces and nephews in my family, which is 100%.  (Again, if I just count nieces and nephew I don’t have to count the 2 c-sections that I had with Lucy… Yes, two with Lucy.)  Today is Christian’s 27th birthday.  Christian is in the army somewhere in Georgia.  He played the bass guitar on “Show Me A Sign.”  He also speaks Arabic, thanks to his fabulous Army training.  Now you know.  How’s that for random trivia?  I will post baby pictures as soon as I see some.

I called Natalie and told her that there is no race.  It’s over.  Everyone I know has had their babies and she is last.  I also said that there is no hurry.  Please wait until Sunday.  

I do have a layover in Salt Lake City on Saturday night, when I fly from Oregon to Denver.  If she goes into labor Saturday I could skip the Denver leg, help deliver the baby and then drive to Denver before my performance on Sunday, maybe even catch a flight.  Never a dull moment!  Stay tuned…..

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8 thoughts on “This is the sign for COACH

  1. Wow. That made me tired just reading it! Sounds like you’re going to have a crazy weekend. I hope Natalie waits until you get home to pop!

    Hey Rachel… will you be my birth coach? 😀

  2. I like that “I’ll be your coach, if you’ve been my friend for 20 years”–very appropriate. LOL
    Also loved the imaginary fan email regarding that–I can totally see that actually happening! People can be so funny at times.
    It’s so great that you can be there for your family and friends this way. I’m sure they appreciate having you by their side.
    2 C-sections with Lucy? How does that happen? I had 2 C-sections, but for 2 different kids. Sorry, not trying to pry, but you did (wink) bring it up. 🙂

    Good luck with the flying and the coaching!


  3. Oh Please don’t miss Oregon. I have 12 people just dying to see you in concert. One is my little Brook. I’ve been telling her all week she gets to see Rachel. She smiles but I don’t really think she understands, shes 2 😉
    Jennifer & Brook

  4. SallyAnn: I might consider being a birth coach for people I have known for less that 20 years, but I am not wearing the orange sweater! See, Marcus would kill me if anything birth related got on that sweater! LOL

    thislittlemamastayedhome: I know most people think it is a typo but it is pretty serious bragging rights. Lucy and I had fetal surgery for spina bifida at 22 weeks gestation. It sounds very Sci-fi and probably is. At 22 weeks I had a c-section and they delivered my uterus, kept Lucy inside and performed surgery on her inutero. 10 weeks of strict bed rest later, I went into unstoppable labor and Lucy was born via c-section on May 19, 2000. 2 c-sections in 10 weeks. Want to walk down memory lane? visit and you can read my entire pregnancy journal from that experience.

    Googsmom: The good news is I am here IN Oregon tonight. Natalie did not have a single contraction today! Looking forward to meeting you and Brook VERY soon!

  5. Congrats on becoming a Bradley Birth Coach! It’s great to have people trained in natural birth, since it’s becoming a rarity lately!

  6. rperet: Thanks! I had a Bradley Birth with Leah and it was an incredible experience. I know it does not work for everyone, but I was glad to know how strong I am and what I am capable of.

  7. Hi Rachel,
    I wanted to take a moment and thank you for getting up at 1:30 in the morning and making the long trek to Denver – I know you must have been exhausted but we loved seeing you perform! Our daughter, Maggie, is 18 months old and, thanks in part to your videos, knows literally hundreds of signs – she is also extremely verbal (I’ve lost track of the number of words she knows) and we credit her early use of sign language with her verbal abilities. (She started signing at 7 months!) We’re looking forward to using sign with our second child, too, who is due in February.

    We sat center stage for your Denver show (well, during the second half, we moved to the floor and Maggie kept edging closer to the stage). She was a little starstruck and didn’t sign or say much while you were performing but once you turned and walked off, she came running over to me and said, “Rachel?” And we told her how you had to go bye-bye on an airplane to help with the new baby…and the rest of the day, she kept saying “Achel…airplane…bye-bye!” After her nap, the “Achel” references continued, until she looked at me and started saying, “Rachel…miss her” in a very sad voice. Even this morning, the first thing she said upon awaking was – you guessed it! – “Achel? Signing?”
    Now she loves Signing Time! more than ever! So I know it was a hardship for you to make it here but our family thanks you for your efforts.
    And of course we want to hear about the new baby!

    Thanks again,

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