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Is it cheating to write a blog, post it elsewhere, and then link to it from your main blog? No. I think not and so I shall. You know how I don’t send Christmas cards, well I don’t send Birthday cards either, this is all I’ve got.
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From Rachel: Happy Birthday Emilie!
I was four years old and she was eight when we decided that we were best friends.

“You’re my best,” she said.

“You’re my best, too.” I answered.

And that’s how it was.

In some ways it was a simple rendition of the reality-TV show Survivor – Emilie and I had an early alliance. We had to, you see; in a family of nine kids, there were ongoing battles with the other siblings, and even though it seemed that it might be easier at times to join forces with the stronger ones, Emilie and I instinctively stuck together.

I was good at flying under the radar. Emilie was not…

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5 thoughts on “Why We Have Sisters – A Birthday Blog

  1. Wow, did you really write the theme song for Signing Time and ‘Show Me A Sign’ in one day? That is simply amazing. Show me a sign warms my heart so much when I sing it to my children and I love watching my 13 month old boogie whenever he hears the signing time theme song.

    No, its not cheating to link blogs. Loved reading the tribute to Emilie and also the wonderful blog by your father. As always, thanks again to you and thanks to Emilie! Now I am going off to youtube Robotech and see if I find an episode with a red head on a motorcycle!


  2. Of course it’s not cheating – especially when you own both blogs, Rachel 😉 xoxo and I’m so proud to be “another” sister. My bday was in January too… you should write a tribute to ME next year. 😉 I’ll slate it for that newsletter – January 2011. KIDDING!


  3. Hema: Yes I really did! Even better I wrote both songs in less than 30 minutes. I hadn’t written in such a long time, they were just ready to be created.

    Rebecca: Oh, I already know how YOUR b-day blog is going to go:) “Once there was a pesky little sister. (All sisters 2 years younger than you are pesky) And the big sister didn’t like her very much at all because she was such a show-off and did EVERYTHING right. They grew up and even though the big sister still didn’t like her, she let the little sister work for her company because the little sister was trustworthy and a hard worker. The big sister even wrote a “little sister jab” into the song “In A House” – oh yes she did.

    Then one day the big sister saw that the little sister wasn’t a jerk at all. Even worse! The big sister realized SHE had been the jerk by cutting her sister out of her life and depriving her of love and friendship (YUCK!)
    Boy, was I surprised when I realized all of that after 30 angry years! Then I called and said I was sorry… and we became best friends!”
    The End (Not the end at all… the beginning)


  4. BAH! I love it! Too true, too true…. I used to think there was no chance you’d be my best friend someday. But I guess I was wrong. And I guess you also can say that you have more than one best friend, right? xoxo


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