Run With Your Life: Part 2 – No Exceptions

Once upon a time~
Someone sent me a link to a video about Team Hoyt. This was a long, long time ago. As I watched this father push his son, I was floored. I was inspired. It gave new meaning to “strong enough.” At the time I didn’t think that it had much to do with me, but I never forgot those images. I never forgot the love.

Last year when I registered for both half-marathons, I admit, I checked the rules. I looked to see if a stroller or a wheelchair would be allowed. The rules clearly stated that wheelchairs and strollers were NOT allowed. Did I secretly give a sigh of relief? Maybe. I’ll never tell.

This year I checked the rules again as I registered for the Salt Lake City Half-Marathon. Nothing had changed. In fact it stated “No wheelchairs. No strollers. No exceptions.” I was checking the rules for myself… sort of, I mean Lucy hadn’t even asked about it. I just wondered how it was that Team Hoyt seemed to find so many races that would allow them to participate when so far I was ZERO for Three.

And then one day not too long ago she said it…
I was in the kitchen. Lucy was on the sofa reading. She looked up and said, “I really want to run a half-marathon.” My heart sank just a little because… I had already looked. I already knew the answer was “no.” I smiled at my daughter and said, “That would be fun wouldn’t it?” But, I could still see the words “No Exceptions” clearly in my mind.

When Leah registered to run the half-marathon with us there was a part of me that felt even worse! What was I going to say now? “Sorry Lucy, see Leah’s just deaf and you… well, you got a bummer deal on the ol’ legs. You can’t walk and you can’t run so you get to stay home with a babysitter. Chalk one up for spina bifida and cerebral palsy.”

More than two weeks had passed since I made the call. YES, I made the call. I set the girls up with their homework and I went outside on the front porch. I shut the front door and I called the Race Director. I got his voicemail and I left the most compelling message I could muster up. In the face of No Exceptions, I was just committed (or crazy) enough to ask for one anyhow. I actually said, “I am calling to ask you to make an exception.” (Bwahahaha!)

Weeks went by and no one called me back, so I posted “Run With Your Life” and I only talked about Leah joining us in the race which was exciting and amazing and… I knew something was missing. You knew it too. You asked about Lucy in your comments.

Then… two days later I got word.
Lucy was in!!!

I might have jumped up and down in my front yard and whooped and hollered a bit. I just might have.

I couldn’t wait to tell Lucy. As soon as she was off the school bus and the bus engine had faded enough for us to talk I told her, “Lucy, I have really exciting news! You can do the half-marathon with us! We can all run as a family!” Lucy’s eyes were wide with disbelief. She put out her arms to hug me. Her eyes welled with tears. “Can you believe it Lucy?” I asked.

Still slightly shocked she looked up at me with a huge smile and said in a half whisper, “I am going to get a medal!”

We hadn’t been training with her and now the race was only a month away. We didn’t even own a jog-stroller. I called my friend Mike at Baby Bling Design Co. I knew that even though he doesn’t make the kind of stroller that I needed, he could tell me what I needed and point me in the right direction to find it. Like I said Mike doesn’t make that kind of stroller but as luck would have it he just happened to have one that he had used as a prototype for sheepskin stroller inserts. He had been trying to figure out what to do with this brand new jog-stroller in his warehouse. (Are you kidding me?) Within two hours of our “exception” Mike had donated the stroller and it was on its way to us!

And that’s how it happened that THIS Saturday Aaron, Rachel, Leah and Lucy Coleman will ALL be participating in the Salt Lake City Half-Marathon!!!
You can jump up and down a bit and even whoop and holler. I wont tell. Or better yet, if you are in town we would love to have you cheer us on. I think we’ll be pretty easy to spot… see, we’ll be the ones with the stroller.

Run With Your Life - No Exceptions

~With special thanks to Team Hoyt for paving the way and special thanks to The Salt Lake City Marathon Race Director, Scott Kerr for being a “Yes” in a world full of “No”

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118 thoughts on “Run With Your Life: Part 2 – No Exceptions

  1. Congratulations Rachel and Lucy!!!! That is SO wonderful and exciting. I wish I could be there, cheering you on in person. But you’ll just have to know that you’ve got a cheering section in Salem, OR!

    Run girl, run!!!

  2. I’ve been following you on twiiter, so I sort of got wind of this already..(wait, I think it was on there..). Congrats all the same!! You both looks so awesome in the picture that it looks like a product photo shoot (is that a Dreamer Design stroller??). The clearance on that thing looks amazing and Lucy looks like a queen resposing on her throne 🙂 Did you have to learn to run/land differently when wearing the Vibrams?

    • I did share on Twitter and in the comments on Athleta’s Chi Blog.

      I am not sure what kind of stroller it is. I’ll check in the morning. I was just happy to get it. BTW My husband Aaron is the photographer, isn’t he great?

      You do run differently in Vibrams, your gait changes instinctively. The “barefoot” running post is coming soon.

      • [ack! To not know your stroller’s brand..– sorry, that was my stroller-freak side coming out]. Yes, he’s an awesome photog! Will he stash his camera under the stroller for snaps during the marathon?
        I am seriously, seriously, seriously considering the VFF for a half-marathon I haven’t signed up for yet(out-of-shape, lazy etc). Though you’re doing an excellent job of motivating me to sign up right now! Not only that, I’ve been dreaming of pushing a stroller (also for a kid who can’t walk) for ages.. If not now, when? Right?

        • No biggie, we haven’t had strollers in the house for years now, but if you asked about wheelchairs and gait trainers I would be right there with answers. Yes, you are right it’s a Dreamer Design… how fitting

  3. Rachel, as so many have expressed before, you put a smile on my face whenever I read your blog entries, especially at these late hours when I’m asking myself, “Now, why are you still at the computer, missy?!” lol I have long felt like you and I were so similar in our outlooks on life, and from what I’ve just read, well, I gotta say I still feel that way! Perhaps it’s because I’m a die hard New Yorker, but I’ve grown to never take “NO” for an answer. You tell me no at the front door, I may go to the back door, side door, and probably even the basement! I refuse to give up (a trait that at times greatly embarrasses my nine year old son! lol). And, my dear Rachel, you are the beautiful epitome of one who refuses to give up, one who will tackle all the doors, one who never accepts no for an answer. You are a consistent source of inspiration for me, and I can only imagine how much more so you are for your two wonderful girls. I can’t be there to cheer you on this weekend, but I will be sending your way lots of positive vibes from Los Angeles. Thank you for being so real and genuine; for sharing that, sure, life is not all puffy paint and rainbows but it’s how we choose to look at the less than stellar times that makes the all the difference in the world. Man, am I happy I caught your segment on the Today Show all those years ago! lol So, to you and the family….HAPPY RUNNING! 😀

    • Why are YOU still at the computer? 😉 For me it’s because LATE at night is the only time my phone doesn’t ring and my kids don’t need me. (Oh BRB Lucy’s slipping off her pillow and her legs are twisted… totally serious! How ’bout that)

      What an amazing tribute, for lack of a better word! I hardly know what to say. I had to smile at “puffy paint” though -it’s been awhile.

      I can’t believe there are still people around who originally found us because of The Today Show. I love it.

    • Yes, those are Vibrams. I’ve been training for the half in them. My longest “barefoot” run is 10 miles.

      “Born To Run” is one of my favorite books. The author Christopher McDougall is a stud, I sent him an email and he answered. How cool is that?

  4. Congrats on your “exception”. And, like the other VFF lovers….great shoes….I wear mine every day 🙂

  5. Rachel,

    It is so wonderful to hear about your successes. I’m a person that usually gives up when I hear a no, thinking, “it wasn’t meant to be” or “maybe next time”. Thank you for showing that when you feel strongly enough about something, you can find a way to make it happen.

    Good luck running on Saturday! I love following your story! Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Wow! This story brought tears of joy to my eyes! I am training for the Marine Corps Historic Half, and was so psyched to read your Born to Run post and learn that you all love running too. I have participated in a few local races with a Dad and son like the Hoyt’s and was so completely inspired by them. My goal is to teach my daughter Ellie to run with my as Leah is running with you. To watch her to cross that finish line…my heart would over flow with joy. I will be thinking of your wonderful family this weekend. Have a great race!

  7. I don’t watch Oprah regularly, but I saw one episode about 10 years ago, and she said something that’s stuck with me ever since: “Never accept no from someone who doesn’t have the authority to tell you yes.” When I’ve been frustrated with a pat answer NO from someone, I often remind myself, “Oh, right, this person is not empowered to tell me yes. I need to talk to someone else.” Then I say, “I’d like to speak to your manager, please.” And I keep saying that until I get someone that I can tell is considering what I’m saying and making an educated decision, rather than saying no because that’s the only answer they can give me. A lot of times, I get the yes I’ve been looking for. Your post reminds me of that philosophy. Obviously, a list of rules does not have the authority to say yes, but you went ahead and found someone who did, and something great happened because of it. 🙂

    By the way, you rock with your Vibrams! I run in minimalist shoes too. Just made my own pair of huaraches (those sandals the Tarahumara wear) two weeks ago!

    • “Never accept no from someone who doesn’t have the authority to tell you yes.”

      Wow, Sonja, I love that! That is an awesome quote, one that I’m gonna keep handy. Thanks! 🙂

  8. Rachel,
    This is great news!! I am inspired as a mom by YOU!! What an advocate!! And to see God’s hands all over this whole situation!

    Woo Hoo!!! Go Coleman’s!! Get her a medal!!!!

  9. You know what?

    I love you. All of you. Every tear, every joy, every pain…I just love you.

    And I am going to proudly pray, cheer, and encourage you—-only from a really long way away all day on Saturday. (well, I might also be texting you via Leanna)

    I don’t think I’ll be running any half marathons until I can navigate the grocery store without taking out the end cap of mandarin oranges! 😉


    • Heather you know we love you too! It’s just plain wrong that you aren’t going to be here too. I am going to take some photos/video of how I negotiate the grocery store with Lucy in her wheels, a shopping cart and a purse. I am here to help.

  10. Oh Rach, you surely do know how to bring a girl to tears. I’m so excited for you and proud of you all! I will be in Vegas this weekend but you have a cheering section with the Arveseth family…always! Run, achieve, make a memory, and have an amazing time. I love you all!

  11. Wow! How inspiring this is. You are such a great mom, with great girls. (And a great photographer husband!) I’ll be thinking of you all Saturday!

    • Poor Aaron is always behind the camera! Yes I really do have a husband and yes he really is fabulous. Thanks for the shout-out to him. Trust me, I could not do this single handedly. This is not The Rachel Coleman Show, but I do get “highest billing” since it’s my blog LOL

  12. Rachel once again you made me cry, but this time I was prepared 🙂 I am constantly awed and amazed by the obstacles that you overcome and how you too are paving the way for others. When I come across someone telling me no I think WWRD (what would Rachel Do) LOL ok maybe not quite in those terms, but you have made it easier for me to “break those rules” that people have put in front of me as barriers. Recently a *friend* of mine called me and said “how would you like to set up an event to have Rachel Coleman perform at and BTW you have 1 month to do it” I said “Bring it on!” I then spent the next week looking for a venue, trying to advertise, asking for sponsors and having people tell me no, no NO! I am happy to tell you that I got a place and I fully expect that I will fill it! Did I mention that it seats 1000 people? Thank you for inspiring me to reach goals that others think are “unobtainable” (someone actually told me that this benefit concert for the Signing Time Foundation could never be put together in 1 month) If you are in Minnesota on April 30th and (Rachel you better be)want to see an amazing performer go to and get tickets
    Rachel I’m so excited for you, Aaron, Leah and Lucy. I’m also excited that I get to cheer you on while running with you (again something you inspired me to do) I just hope I can keep up 🙂

    • No matter what happens- this Saturday it’s going to be a blast. I know we will laugh hard. We will eat frozen yogurt. We will sniff the magical, scented pants. Those are promises my dear!

      Yes, I will be in Minnesota on April 30th.

  13. We will be cheering you on from Chicago! Signing times in on in the background right now. You are strong enough for all of us. Thank you for being such a great model for me.

  14. Dear Rachel, Aaron, Leah, and Lucy,

    I am thrilled for your whole family, and actually have happy tears for you! Best of Luck! Lucy ~ We ALL want to see pictures of your Medal!

    Go get ’em,


  15. THIS IS A MARVELOUS POST! 😉 kudos to you for asking someone to think outside of the box (or stroller) and for securing a different answer / scoring that exception for lucy! 🙂 thanks to ALL of those who can say yes in a world full of no’s! 🙂 YOU GO GIRL! someone in the land of oz is cheering for you too! 🙂 awesome pic btw. 🙂

    • Thanks Allie. I couldn’t believe that my feet were not even touching the ground in MOST of the photos Aaron took… made me wonder how much air-time we get when we run. Maybe running isn’t as hard as we think. We are probably floating/flying for a good portion of the race.

  16. Rachel-

    Tears are flowing again for you and your family. I’ve know this since that tweet that day but I choke up over it every time I think about it. You are SUCH an inspiration!

    SOOOO very bummed not to be running the race with you as originally planned, but I’ll certainly be cheering you on (and all my Signing Time Friends who will be there this weekend)! I’m hoping everyone continues on and comes out for the race again next year when I’ll be able to join; I’m just thrilled to have *this* week started to train again (2 measly miles, but it’s SOMETHING!).

    Good luck on Saturday!


  17. Wow!! How exciting!!! I could only hope my daughter Lucy, who uses a gait trainer to walk, and I could do the same!! Congrats!

  18. What great news! I just stumbled upon your blog – I had no idea you were a runner, in addition to having changed the world! 🙂 I hope you all have a marvelous race.

    My 4 year old can sign “I love you” across the playground to me, and my 1 year old can tell me exactly which beverage she’d prefer because of you and your work. Thank you!

    • Ry, Would you believe I still struggle with identifying myself as “a runner”?? I read your comment and my first thought was, “I’m not a runner.” LOL I guess I am and I may need to get comfy with it.
      Thanks for signing with us!

      • As someone who cried every single day in gym class in seventh grade, I cannot BELIEVE I am an athlete now, even after a marathon, a couple of halfs, 3 10 milers, and countless 5, 8 and 10K’s. I have a t-shirt that says ATHLETE across the front that I wear sometimes just to remind myself!

  19. As soon as you told us that 3/4 of the family was going to run, I instinctively knew that:

    1) You were *going* to request an exception for Lucy and,
    2) That you were going to get it.

    Despite that knowledge, you still got the tears flowing again with this post!

    Leah and Lucy are so fortunate to have the parents they do; they are truly loved.

    I wish you all good luck in the race. I hope that it is an unforgettable (family) experience for you all.

    Thank you again for being so generous in sharing your inspiring life with all of us.

    • Hey Jonathan we were thinking about you since last night we celebrated our Monday run and media blitz with a little dinner at Red Lobster on the giftcard from your family. Thanks for that! You weren’t crying at work again were you? I’m SO sorry;)

  20. We have a karate tournament that same morning but I think you’ll be running by before we have to leave so we’ll be out to cheer you all right up until the last possible moment. You guys are all amazing!

    • the race starts at 7AM, I think at Leah’s pace we will finish within 2.5 hours (9:30AM at Gateway) Hurry, someone do the math! We’ll be right in your neck of the woods though. I wonder if Rowan will get mad that we don’t stop

  21. You (and Lucy) give me SO much hope for Cole! I can’t wait for the day that Cole asks to run a marathon with us.

    I am SO excited that I WILL be there running with all of you Coleman’s (and the rest of the crew)! Well, maybe not ‘with’, probably more like behind…way behind…but still SO excited! 😉

    See ya in a couple days!

    • Hey this could be your personal best. Can’t wait to hang out with you all… I mean y’all. Drive safely and we’ll see you on Friday. Your shirt should say “I drove 19 hours and ran 13.1 miles and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.”

  22. What a great post with fantastic news! This gives me something to think about too. My husband has been running with our triplets in our triple Baby Jogger. We ran one local race with them last year and plan to run more this year. My daughter with SB can walk but she’ll never be able to run a race. It’s great to see how Lucy will be able to participate in your race.

    • I asked Lucy if this was how she thought she would participate (in a jogstroller) she said, “No I really thought I’d drive my powerchair.” I guess it’s all about being flexible

  23. Hi Rachel,

    I know who you are because of Jana, I am one of her avid Babystealers 😉
    Just wanted to say what an amazing mom and person you are – your story inspires me to be “more”, thank you so much for sharing it 🙂

  24. I get choked (believe it or not) when I read about Team Hoyt or watch the video. That simple choice to run with his son completely changed his life.
    Good luck with the race, I will be thinking of you all during the race time.
    Are there GPS trackers for the runners? Would be fun to follow all of you during the race.
    Oh and remind Lulu, she will cross the finish line before you will!
    Go team Lulu.
    Say hey to BigAC for me.

    • I haven’t seen anything about tracking runners, there was a great system set up for our Vegas run, but this one, I haven’t heard. It will be funny to see who actually crosses first, depends on where we place Lucy’s timing chip.

  25. Please let me know what you think about the stroller. I am currently in the process of saving my money to buy a special needs jogging stroller to start a program here in our town for those that cannot “run” on their own, but still want to participate. I would love to hear a review on the stroller since I want to put my money into the best product! Thanks!

    • Mariah- if it’s the brand I think it is (Dreamer Design), they’re not in bsiness anymore:( Your best bet would be a fixed-wheel BOB stroller (though I’m not sure they make a large enough size for big kids/adults). Baby Jogger definitely has special needs strollers that can accomodate larger people. Why not speak with the companies directly and ask them to sponser a stroller (or 2 or 3)??

      • Baby Jogger is the one I have been looking at for some time, especially since it is designed to accomodate special needs items. I have spoken to some companies but since I’m not a non-profit ( just an ordinary person) they won’t donate/sponsor anything since they wouldn’t be able to show it as a non-profit donation. So, I slowly save up my spare change in the hopes that one day I’ll have the money to purchase one of these $800+ strollers!

  26. HuHA!

    Thanks for the inspiration. Your blog is awesome – I will add you to my blog roll and to my reading list.

    So many times I have stopped myself because I was afraid to ask the no exceptions question.

    Could not help but notice that you are running in Vibram Sprints.

    Thanks again,

    Michael Carroll

  27. Rachel,

    Clearly they had no idea of your exceptional family when they wrote “no exceptions.” What a blessing you have been to our family as your family’s grace, class, and determination have completely redefined our expectations and fears. Then, on top of that, to give us tools in the videos that helped our daughter avoid problems from language delay and give her communication. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being strong enough to share. Love the wheels and wish you ALL the best on Saturday.

  28. Wow. Most of your posts have almost made me cry, but this one really brought the tears! Smiling, happy, hopeful tears! We will be far away on Saturday, but we’ll root for you all the same!

    Someday, you will have to come to Colorado for Mother’s Day and do the Title 9 Mother’s Day 9k race! Both you girls could also join you for that race! I ran it with my son in a jog stroller when he was 10 months old and it was an awesome feeling.

    Have a blast!




    • We will be smiling. Can’t wait to see you there! The good news is Aaron is very easily spotted. In past races I could see him even when he was a half mile to a mile in front of me. I don’t think he could spot me among all the little people though;)

  30. I am so excited for all of you! You inspired me a few months ago to sign up for my first half-marathon. Now I am training and trying not to renege! Thanks Rachel and best of luck! Be sure to post pictures of all the COLEMAN winners with their medals!

    • Do you need a training schedule? I’m happy to post ours, it only required running 3 days a week and there are 9-year-old kids who trained with us. Now you know, we couldn’t quit out of pride!

  31. Rachel, Aaron, Leah and Lucy–I love you guys too even though you make me cry! I am so excited for all of you to be able to run together as a family. How wonderful that you will have friends running there with you as well as friends cheering for you all over the country. I was talking to someone this morning about your amazing family and how lucky I am to know you. Tell Leanna I said Hi and will be cheering for her too all the way from Oklahoma!
    P.S. Rachel, did you ever get the crocheted hat I sent?

    • Vickie, YES I got the hat. Thank you! You are very talented! Just last night I was trying to remember if I had thanked you for it! Bad-bad-children’s TV show host! You should stow away in Leeanna’s car!

  32. Every blog post pulls me in and grips my attention. I really enjoy each one and your style of expressing yourself….you’re still working on a book, right? in your ‘spare’ time?!
    That was no coincidence that your friend had that stroller in the warehouse; just part of the master plan.
    I was relieved to read that running barefoot did not mean literally running barefoot (as I struggle with some nagging foot problems and am not ‘supposed’ to walk w/o proper support).
    Looking forward to hearing how the family run day unfolds. I am sending cheers from Virginia to Utah! Will you listen to music while you run this weekend? Just curious.
    Anita 🙂

    • Anita, I am plagued with too many Signing Time songs on my ipod. I can’t actually listen to more than 2 songs on shuffle without some miserable voice-message-demo-recorded on an airplane interrupting me. Nothing like hearing myself burst into “It’s time to eat, eat, eat what a treat! Eat, eat cereal!”

  33. Go Team Coleman!!!! Robert & I so wish we could be there this weekend to run with you all. Just not in the cards this year. We’ll be cheering you all on from here. Love you bunches!

  34. Go Team Coleman!! How wonderful that you can all race as a family! I know it will be thrilling! Our family will be cheering you all on from Delaware. Rachel, you have been a huge inspiration to me and helped push me to go that extra mile and then find the courage to go further. Many hugs to the family! Wish we were there in person to watch.

  35. I know Rick and Dick and had them in triathons we (DMSE) had in New England in the 80’s and 90’s. I am so glad their legacy lives on with Team Coleman. Good luck!

  36. Go Team Coleman!! I wish I could see this in action!! I’ll cheer from NJ, how’s that?

    Every time I feel like I just can’t do it, can’t deal with the special diet, special vitamins, special therapy and all the things that come with having a special kid, I see you post a new blog and it kicks me right in the pants and reminds me that I can do it. Really, I think about you carrying Lucy on your back through a long hike, and I say to myself, “If she can do THAT, I can definitely do … (whatever it is that I am imagining to be a big obstacle that day).”

    Now I can add Chutzpa to the list of reasons to admire you – I’m always afraid to ask for exceptions, but getting better and better at it – Glad to see that you asked, glad that they said YES, and all I have left to say is that I can’t wait to see pictures!!

    • Wendy, I’ve found that sometimes the reason I don’t ask is because I don’t want to hear “no” again. But if you never ask, you will never hear “yes.” Also when you get a “no” it doesn’t mean “no forever” it just means “no right now” and “not this time”… so you are free to ask again, even if you are asking again in 5 minutes:)

  37. No, those aren’t tears in my eyes, that’s uh… my eyes trying to adjust to being awake. YEAH.

    Seriously, you’re like, the most inspirational mom EVER.

  38. My children have been running for some time. My son ran his first 5k when he was 3 and even when people told us that 3 year olds could not do a 5k, we pressed on. He has done over 30 races now and loves it! My daughter has been “running” with us since she was 1 in her jogging stroller and finally did her first 5k when she was 4. I think it’s great when Families get involved in something everyone can participate in! We have a wall full of race bibs and every time one of the kids gets a medal, we hang it up for everyone to see. Kudos to you for being able to get an exception so the whole Family can participate! YAY!! Please post a race report when you are finished!

  39. Man, I am never reading your blog again without a box of tissues handy! I think that it is awesome that you are all going to run this race together. I also give a big WOOHOO to Scott Kerr for not telling you that No Exceptions meant No Exceptions. Your family is living proof that there are ALWAYS exceptions! Have a blast on Saturday!

    • We were asked to speak to the volunteers and share our story. I was happy for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and ask them not to kick us off the course;) But, that evening we were able to thank Scott Kerr personally.

  40. so flippin’ SWEET! I’m so excited!
    p.s. rumor has it that Hopkins will be at the finish line to celebrate… is that true? Do you think you could ask for an exception to get a large green frog mascot to run alongside you? 🙂

  41. Looking forward to future posts on your training schedule, vibrams, your Aaron behind the camera and most of all, this week-end’s race! It would be great to see a video clip of the crossing of the finish line. Better have big ’tissue box recommendation’ warnings ahead of that video! 🙂

    Go Team Coleman! From our signing family to yours, cheers from WV.

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