You TOTALLY Want My Christmas Card

Remember last year how I told you all of the reasons you do NOT want our Christmas card and why it would be just wrong to send one out anyway???
(Seriously, I just went back and read that post and laughed/cried hard)

Well, this year you TOTALLY want my Christmas card!!

WOOO HOOO!!  Yes, you can get on the Coleman list and get a Christmas card from us!

Well, 200 of you (in the U.S.) can get one… the rest will just have to settle for receiving it via email which is in total violation of my personal Christmas Card policy, but oh well.

REALLY TRULY I have Christmas cards this year and not only am I going to get them in the mail… (wait for it)…

I am putting them in the mail BEFORE Christmas.  I promise! (Yikes! I just promised!)

Come on, this is BIG!  My last official Christmas card went out in 1996 the year Leah was born. That’s FOURTEEN YEARS ago! You see certain comets more frequently than you see a holiday card from us.

Check it out!

Ya know, I think I can handle this whole Christmas card thing, I’ve set my own standard. I’ll just send out Christmas cards every 14 years. I can handle that.

Happy Holidays!!

P.S. Mom, you really ought to put your name and address in here so you get a Christmas card from me. I know, I’m lame. But, I’m okay with it.

It turns out The Coleman Christmas Card List was THE list to get on this year. We blew through 200 entries before I got Lucy on the bus this morning. I’m sitting here at the kitchen table licking envelopes and putting the stamps on. (I know you thought “my people” were going to do this for me… how many times do I have to tell you I don’t have “people”) so yeah, you even get the bonus of my saliva. (shudder)
Hugs to all of you who missed out… even better than hugs, here’s a “stocking stuffer” to get 15% off your order at and
Through December 31, 2010 use Coupon Code: coleman


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116 thoughts on “You TOTALLY Want My Christmas Card

  1. Geez, I thought 200 would be plenty because that’s about the most comments I ever get. Look at all you little stinkers slinking around here never commenting! I really did think 200 was reasonable. LOL
    Thanks for all of the holiday love!

    • Not to be selfish–well, no, I guess it’s quite selfish–I think you couldn’t have gone wrong with 2000! Well, OK, let’s be realistic. 1000. 800? Well anyway, a whole lot more. I’m sure every ST Academy member would have signed up, and every parent and child attending classes, too. There’s something magical in Signing Time. A Christmas card from Rachel would be akin to a finding Santa Claus in your living room! I’ll be prepared next time. Guess I need to do a lot more 2am sessions! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a (signed) good night!

  2. i just recently started following your blog, this is the first new post since i started. my 18 month old son just LOVES signing time. he walks around singing “Leah” from your theme song to ask for signing time. he knows more signs than i do now. we just love you guys!

  3. I received your message, and only 5 minutes after it came into my email, I clicked on the link for your “Christmas Card”, and saw …”Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions.”
    I hope your holiday is wonderful, and I won’t ask for a card from you. You must be overwhelmed with requests…Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Life is so short…way too short…Enjoy the moment, and cherish the memories.

  4. That’s very sweet and motivated of you Rachel! Thanks for the thoughts! We’re watching Signing Time this very minute! “I’m a Girl!” LoL

  5. I happened to be up at 2am with a non-sleeping baby. My kids are all so thrilled that we are going to get a card from you guys! My older three (ages 5, 9 and 11) all know over 100 signs ( I lost count) , but we are most thrilled with our 16 month old. He hasn’t started talking yet, but knows over 50 signs. We are amazed everyday by the signs he uses. Thank you so much for making the videos. 🙂

  6. I’d love an emailed one since I’m too late:) We love you guys!

    Liz Lenert ( mom to Melia and Andrew both with progressive hearing loss)


  7. Rachel, you constantly make my jaw drop with your ambition and desire to do wonderful things that (1) have never been done before, or (2) will simply brighten the lives of your extended ST “family.”

    I’m okay with being too late to get a Christmas card, (our kids are all grown, and I can be a big girl about it) I am just thrilled for the sake of some of these sweet kids who are going to receive an actual, touchable card from their best friends Rachel, Aaron, Leah, and Lucy.

    You are Rockzilla covered in Awesome Sauce!

    • Karen, I have to laugh because 90% of what I do, I just make up the night before. My poor office staff would prefer I have blogs ready a year in advance so that they can write form scripts and all that other stuff I need. A week before sending this out I asked Mike if he could create a form for addresses that would also spit out labels. LOL All of my good ideas are last minute.

  8. Wow! I wish I had picked up my email earlier! The page says it is no longer accepting submissions. Bummer! My boy (age 9, DS-ASD, hearing loss) is a signing times NUT and I sooo wanted to enter his name on this. He is just “gettin” the getting mail and cards aspect and would have totally loved getting a card from you, Rachel! We’ll be more on the ball next time. BTW, This is a nice thing you are doing for your fans. Merry Christmas to all of you!
    Mauri, Jeff, Jamie and Nathan

  9. Rachel, My daughter Xochitl and I love your videos,blog, music, energy. We would like to wish you Feliz Navidad and thank you for giving Xoch her words starting at 8 months old, her very 1st sign was baby during the theme song. She now has small sentences at 14 months. We feel very blessed to know more about you from your blog. Love A

  10. Rachel, I wish my whole family were living in the States!! We are from Canada and both of my girls love watching signing time a lot!! My younger one (2 now) loves signing a lot!!!

    Wish you, Aaron, Leah and Lucy a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  11. And to think I was totally awake when the form was “accepting submissions…” even though it was WAY later than I should’ve been up! Oh, well. Reading your blog is more than enough.

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  12. Oh I wanted a card from you too but the form is no longer accepting!

    Well, Merry Christmas all the same! It looks like a great picture of your family. Peace and joy during the holidays and always from our signing family to yours,

  13. It turns out The Coleman Christmas Card List was THE list to get on this year. We blew through 200 entries before I got Lucy on the bus this morning. I’m sitting here at the kitchen table licking envelopes and putting the stamps on. (I know you thought “my people” were going to do this for me… how many times do I have to tell you I don’t have “people”) so yeah, you even get the bonus of my saliva. (shudder)
    Hugs to all of you who missed out… even better than hugs, here’s a “stocking stuffer” to get 15% off your order at and
    Through December 31, 2010 use Coupon Code: coleman

  14. Rachel – I am a Special needs teacher in a self-contained class. Most of my students are Autistic or non-verbal. We love your signing time videos and watch them twice daily in our classroom. Thank you for all of your work and inspiring others to learn ASL. I just happened to come across one of the baby signing time videos at the local library this year and this is how I learned about signing time. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Hugs! Amy

  15. Rachel! Yay for staying up way too late and catching your blog post. Adi will be THRILLED to get mail from you.

    We get lots of laughs these days…I’m sure she isn’t the only kiddo out there that does it, but now when she shows us a sign, she then says to us, “SIGN bear.” The bizarre part is she has your tone and inflection down pat. Thanks for inspiring our little world :).

    • That’s my favorite age. I remember when my niece Clara would walk into a room and announce in perfect Rachel Coleman, “This is the sign for car. Car. It’s like you’re driving a car.” And then she would walk out.

  16. So very glad I managed to catch this in time! Typically timing is off. Scaling back on gifts this year being out of work so it’s the “little things” 🙂 like getting mail from a much admired “friend” who has taught us, as a family, so much.

    On a sappy note my boy (15 months) combined his first two signs tonight. More milk. I cried just as much as I did when he signed milk at me for the first time (instead of climbing up on the couch and hurling the boppy at me).

  17. Thank you so much for the Christmas card! My son, Ethan, is so excited. He keeps looking at your card, like he can’t quite believe that Rachel sent him a card! Thank you very, very much! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • I know the feeling 🙂 I got mine and my Daughters like, is that Rachel and I’m like “Yup” with a big smile ..

      Thank you Rachel, I already mention this on your FB page 🙂 but hey, I’ll wish you and your Family Merry Christmas as much as possible.

      Btw, the kids look Wondeful on the Christmas Card, Warms my Heart to see them all, you all, smiling like Cheshire Cats :))

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  19. Rachel, I was too late to get a mailed Christmas card, but have been watching for the email version. How do we get it?
    We love your Signing Time videos and your posts, but up until now I have been one of the silent “non-commentors”. 🙂

  20. I just wanted to tell you that my kids (and I) were thrilled to get the Christmas card! It really made their day. 🙂 William, my 17 month old, keeps pointing to the picture and signing Leah. 🙂 It also meant so much to us that each of you signed it. That is so very special. 🙂 Thank you for touching our lives. William isn’t talking yet, but he has 245 signs and we are so thrilled with that. We share our love of Signing Time with anyone who will listen. 🙂

  21. Hi Rachel. I just wanted to say that my daughter is thoroughly enjoying Baby Signing Time and it has been SO much fun and amazing watching her pick up signs at the most random times. My daughter, also Leah, speaks gibberish so it’s really nothing any of us can understand so helping her learn a different way of communicating (until her gibberish forms words, anyway) has been remarkable. I happened to find your blog while reading up reviews and comments on your signing time page, and you, your family is a true inspiration! You really do have an amazing family! Thank you, for creating this awesomeness.

  22. Rachel, my 19 month old will ONLY allow me to sing the Silly Pizza Song while we’re in the car! I blame you 😛

    She like to yell ‘Mama, Mama, COOKIES’ or whatever food she has chosen for the next verse.

    Thank you for sharing so much with us!
    another Rachel

  23. Hi Rachel,

    My daughter is 10 months and I started signing with her when she was 6 months. She absolutely loves baby signing time. When she is sick or miserable from teething watching it is the only thing that calms her down! She now signs more and all done. As she watches the videos she tries to sign along with everyone! Thanks so much for this wonderful program!!

  24. Hi Rachel,
    I just stumbled upon your blog, although we have been watching signing times for eight months now. Words can not tell you how thankful I am for what you and your company has done for our family with sign language. In May my husband ad I started the process of adopting our son who was 27 months at the time. He has Dandy walker malformation and at that time was functioning at less than a 12 month old. I knew a little about children with special needs and thought I would try teaching him sign language but first I had to learn myself. So I went to my local library and there you were (your DVDs). I started with the baby signing times. With in 2 days my son was comunicating to me with ten signs. Eight months later my son has a singing vocabulary of over 120 signs. I just wanted to say thank you! It is so amazing to communicate with this little man, and without two little hand productions it would not be possible.

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