Do You Have a Nest?

Yeah, I get tired.

Sometimes, it feels like I am carrying the weight of the world.

Working to make a difference. Hoping to alter perspectives. Showing families that there is hope.

There IS Hope.

I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety in one form or another since I was 12. I’m 43.

When Leah was a toddler, there were days I got out of bed, just so she wouldn’t see me “setting the example” of staying in bed until 2 in the afternoon. (It didn’t save her from it.)

When the weather turns, we turn to bed. It’s one of the less awesome things I’ve passed on to my kids. We call it, “Becoming one with the mattress.”

“Hey, it’s mom. You okay? You getting out of bed before noon? I’m only asking because I’m struggling.”

Truth be told, it’s kind of nice to have a community of family members who get it. People who just check in when there’s a certain feeling in the air.

I’ve asked those around me to please not judge me when I spend a day in bed. You see, hearing, “Oh my God! You’re still in bed?” doesn’t really help. If you’ve never needed to stay in bed all day, just to get through a day, be grateful you don’t understand.

One day I sent this to Aaron:

Later that day, he had made me a nest.  <3

Special thanks to for nailing it, and also for giving me permission to use the above image. Special thanks to our friends at The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Utah) who support human beings when they are feeling more than sad.

8 thoughts on “Do You Have a Nest?

  1. Yep, nests are amazing things. I have passed the importance of nest time on to my boys as well. It’s also a free zone, they can share and say anything they need to in the nest and can’t be punished or taken out of the nest. I have learned it helps build a special bond within our family and helps me with anxiety so much and my kids….


    Madilyn Reply:

    How are you today


  2. I have a nest. I stay in bed a lot of days. I also have a “happy lamp” and take lots of vitamin D. It’s ok not to be ok, but we HAVE to talk about it! And if it’s more than a blanket fort can fix, PLEASE get help! 1-800-273-8255. There is someone to help 24/7. You are never alone.


  3. I started by trying to find out more about “the signing time lady”, read your web site entries about your stories, but I think I needed to read this today. Thank you- for signing time and for nest awareness, too.


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