In the Beginning

Hi, I’m Rachel Coleman co-creator of Signing Time! When my daughter Leah was one year old… If you stumbled on this page and this blog well, you know the rest. Or maybe you just think you know the rest.

My husband Aaron and I met at a wedding. My cousin Jen was marrying his cousin Adam. We each flew to California for the wedding. I was the maid of honor, so we met as he walked through the line. He said, “You look like you are from Utah!” I was baffled, was this a compliment? A pick up line? Either way it worked! I tracked him down at the buffet and asked, “What, exactly did that mean?” I still don’t know what he meant, but I guess it was good since we were married the following year.
Wedding Day

Aaron and I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. While he was finishing college at The University of Utah, I was performing with my band WE THE LIVING
We The Living Band CD
YES, I still have about 100 original We The Living – Satellite CDs in my basement. Make one yours!

Then we had our first child, Leah. Leah was a happy, cherubic, beautiful baby. When she was 1 year old we began to suspect something wasn’t quite right. She was SO smart, yet no words were coming. There was no “baba” “mama” dada” – just a high pitched shriek. It was a happy shriek though! One night after spending hours at band, I came to my mom’s house to pick up Leah. When my mom heard me come in the house she said, “Don’t let Leah see you. Stand behind her and call her name.”

Leah’s Story

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