Laura’s Story

Before Lucy and even before Leah there was Laura.

When I was seventeen years old I had a beautiful baby girl and I placed her for adoption. I chose a remarkable family for her. I thought about her all of the time and celebrated her birthday every year.

Laura was the reason I started writing songs. Outside of my immediate family there were only a few people who had even known for sure that I was pregnant. It was such a painful and difficult experience and music allowed me to process, share, and express myself in a safe way. The first song that I ever wrote was about placing my daughter for adoption and my struggle with trying to pretend to just be a typical teenager after an experience like that. The song is called “Nobody Would Know” it is available on my album “Shine” and it is also available on iTunes. I know that some of you had heard that song and wondered how I came to write it before having two children with disabilities.

For Laura’s privacy and protection I had not openly publicized the fact that I was her birth mom. I mean can you imagine? “The Signing Time Lady is my birth mom?” If she wanted to find me, I wanted it to be her choice and not because someone else put the pieces together and forced a reunion.

On Mother’s Day (2010) my dream came true and my heart was healed when my eighteen-year-old daughter Laura contacted me and wanted to be a part of our lives. We are laughing together and crying together and working this out… together.