Rachel and Emilie

Rachel and EmilieEmilie's Kindergarten Graduation
Emilie is the third and I am the fifth of the nine children in our family. We are 4 years apart in age. Emilie and I have always been friends, even since we were little. She was definitely a “Director” even back then. I always seemed to make my way into her productions. See, the Director chooses who will be the fabulously glamorous Little Red Riding Hood and who gets to portray the Big Bad Wolf. Emilie did the make-up and wardrobe for both of us!
Little Red Riding Hood
(Okay, seriously that picture makes me laugh so hard I cry!)

Emilie was born an entrepreneur. When she was 10 she had somehow gotten involved in hotel soap packaging. They paid her a fee per bar of soap she put in a little pop-up cardboard box. So, she gathered her younger siblings and we all put little soaps in boxes while we watched TV. I think she paid us a few cents per soap, I am sure she was getting paid a few more cents than that.

Emilie directs the voice-over on the show and she performs some of it too. She has been working in the voice-over industry since age 12. Voicing cartoon characters on Robotech and Little Lulu. She does countless commercials airing across the country. She even does commercials in Spanish! I think it is my DNA that recognizes her voice on the radio… I am serious! When one of her commercials comes on, I get goose bumps, I pick up the phone and ask, “Hey, did you do a commercial for a condo development?” Or “Did you doing a commercial on adoption?”

Alex is following in her footsteps voicing national television and radio commercials. He even voiced the singing voice of popular orange and white clown fish for a popular theme park!

Ray and Em