Late Night Phone Call

I was up late last night, very late.  Marcus, who does wardrobe on Signing Time, stopped by with my clean, steamed orange outfits close to 11PM.  I could not really pack until after he got there and I didn’t really pack after he left.  Marcus wants me to blog about the many wardrobe secrets of Signing Time.  (Sigh)  I just don’t know if I dare!  Not that you want to know the potential wardrobe malfunctions, so you are looking for them, but I am sure I could save you some wardrobe malfunctions of your own.  If you bug me about it enough I might just give in.  Or maybe we should have a wardrobe chat, like the sweater folding chat which was followed by the sweater folding blog.  

Like I said, it was still very late and I hadn’t packed.  I was on my computer doing all of the important things that just can’t wait until tomorrow, when you have an 11AM flight.  Plus, as I became more tired, I lost the ability to complete a task with velocity and finally could not complete a task at all.  Eventually in a sleep deprived, groggy state, I had that jarring, recurring thought… “Is my cell phone ringer off?”  (If you have read any of my posts in the past two weeks, you can understand why this makes my heart pound!)  I located my cell phone and the ringer was off, I turned it on and there were no calls. This was around 4:30AM.  I thought about plugging it in to charge and then I paced a few pointless circles in my kitchen, noticed all of the lights were on in the kitchen and dining room and then… my home phone starts ringing.  Just so you know, no one calls my home phone during daylight, so it is even more rare for it to ring in the middle of the night.  I fumbled through the sofa cushions and found the cordless phone.  “Hello?”  I said nervously, thinking to myself, “I have never anticipated someone’s reply more than right this second.”  

“Hello.  I am calling for Rachel de Azevedo,” said the woman on the other end of the line.  

“That would be me.”  I respond quietly and intently. 

“Ms. de Azevedo, (of course she slaughters the pronunciation of “de Azevedo”) this is Erin, I am an agent with Delta Airlines.  Your 11AM flight tomorrow has been canceled and you are now departing tomorrow at 9 o’clock PM.”  I asked her some random pointless questions, like “When was it cancelled?” and “Why didn’t I know sooner?”  As if that matters, but it was 4AM and I was half horrified I was going to have to try to get a first time baby delivered in the next 5 hours before a flight.  THAT is PRESSURE!  

The moral of the story is, sometimes you CAN have your cake and eat it too!?  And the other moral of the story is that procrastination can pay off!  Ok, neither one of those is the moral of the story and I am obviously very tired and thankful that I can still pack, take a nap, see my kids when they get home from school, AND fly to Oregon tonight!    

As promised, here is my nephew Carter who was born yesterday.

And I am working to get Twitter up on my blog so that I don’t have to commit to an entire blog every time the phone rings in the middle of the night.  Or when Lucy chooses to run for student council and yesterday she gave the speech to her class, that went like this,

“Hi!  I am Lucy Coleman.  If you have any questions about the school, I am willing to answer them.  Vote for me!”  

And then, she won!!  See, with Twitter you will get all of that and so much more 🙂