You TOTALLY Want My Christmas Card

Remember last year how I told you all of the reasons you do NOT want our Christmas card and why it would be just wrong to send one out anyway???
(Seriously, I just went back and read that post and laughed/cried hard)

Well, this year you TOTALLY want my Christmas card!!

WOOO HOOO!!  Yes, you can get on the Coleman list and get a Christmas card from us!

Well, 200 of you (in the U.S.) can get one… the rest will just have to settle for receiving it via email which is in total violation of my personal Christmas Card policy, but oh well.

REALLY TRULY I have Christmas cards this year and not only am I going to get them in the mail… (wait for it)…

I am putting them in the mail BEFORE Christmas.  I promise! (Yikes! I just promised!)

Come on, this is BIG!  My last official Christmas card went out in 1996 the year Leah was born. That’s FOURTEEN YEARS ago! You see certain comets more frequently than you see a holiday card from us.

Check it out!

Ya know, I think I can handle this whole Christmas card thing, I’ve set my own standard. I’ll just send out Christmas cards every 14 years. I can handle that.

Happy Holidays!!

P.S. Mom, you really ought to put your name and address in here so you get a Christmas card from me. I know, I’m lame. But, I’m okay with it.

It turns out The Coleman Christmas Card List was THE list to get on this year. We blew through 200 entries before I got Lucy on the bus this morning. I’m sitting here at the kitchen table licking envelopes and putting the stamps on. (I know you thought “my people” were going to do this for me… how many times do I have to tell you I don’t have “people”) so yeah, you even get the bonus of my saliva. (shudder)
Hugs to all of you who missed out… even better than hugs, here’s a “stocking stuffer” to get 15% off your order at and
Through December 31, 2010 use Coupon Code: coleman


You Don’t Want My Christmas Card

Every year I think about sending a Christmas card… but, I don’t do it.

The last time I sent out a Christmas card, it was 1996 and it looked like this—

First Christmas

First Christmas

Yes, that is Leah. She’s a week old… well, not any more. She’s actually 13 and that photo just got me thinking that I should probably send out a card JUST so people know we don’t look like that AT ALL.

I am terrible at sending out Christmas cards. The worst part is, I WANT to be good at it. Every year I buy cards. Sometimes they even have the sticky place to put a photo, because I fool myself into believing I might really pull that off too!

Good Intentions

Good Intentions

My cousin Jen has it down. Hers is always the first card I receive each year. She must do them while we are all taking our turkey induced nap on Thanksgiving.

Perhaps, I should pride mine in being the LAST card people receive… or as reality would have it, the last card they don’t receive. (sigh) I am not good at the Christmas card thing and I should accept it.

Please don’t suggest I email a card, because really… emailed Christmas cards don’t even count! That’s all I am going to say about that.

This year, I sat down with Aaron and mused at the possibility of writing one of those AWESOME Family Christmas Letters. Now there’s a commitment!! I secretly believe some marriages end over those annual productions. I opened the 2009 calendar to see if I could remember what we actually did this year. GAH! First of all, my calendar is 4 feet wide and 3 feet high. The boxes are crammed full of appointments, flight numbers, and the school holidays are highlighted, so we don’t forget and accidentally drop our children off. I could hardly decipher the information, let alone organize it and make it sound lovely.

Be Very Afraid

Be Very Afraid

I tried to conjure something up from the top of my head but the good was TOO good and the bad TOO bad. Continue reading

Merry Christmas! Songs from Rachel and Alex

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

We hope you are celebrating and making memories with your friends and family.  

This year, at our Signing Time Christmas Party, we filmed a couple of songs for you. I hope you enjoy them!

“What Child Is This?”
Rachel Coleman

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“Could I Hold The Baby?”
Alex Brown

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Happy Holidays!

Rachel, Alex, Leah, and everyone at Two Little Hands Productions