Born This Way

When we found out that our one-year-old daughter was deaf, we made up a lot of stuff about what that meant for her and for us. It was TOTALLY made up; only, we didn’t realize it at the time. One of the things I decided was that I could no longer do music (I hope you are giggling). At the time it was a serious choice and I felt like it was a waste of time to spend hours and hours each week working at something and creating something that I believed my deaf child could not access. Sometimes, we react and jump to conclusions that have no basis in reality! Really!

When I wanted to sell my guitars, Aaron had the good sense to suggest I just store them under the bed. In 1997 I never would have believed it if someone had said that because of Leah’s deafness I would write over 100 songs and that this same child would be signing along with my music in the backseat of our car… and on stage!

Look at where we have come in the last 13 years since discovering Leah’s deafness. The truth is, I had no clue what her deafness meant for her future. I still don’t. But, I do know that life constantly surprises me and I even surprise myself at times.

This I know for sure, my children surprise me most. I really cannot watch the following clip without getting teary, because Lady Gaga’s lyrics are so apropos. Leah was born deaf, she was also born with music in her blood. She was born this way.

Here’s another one of our family’s “Unanticipated Milestones” – this is Leah Coleman’s first recital at Student Fest 2011. She’s performing Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way.”