Potty Training with Rachel and Signing Time!

Signing Time launched a decade ago and within months we started getting requests to make a potty training DVD. The requests for potty training help have never slowed down. I admit, I resisted it. I kept telling my sister Emilie, “That is not MY job!” and “There are a few signs I won’t be teaching… ever!” Heh heh. Well, the good news is when I resist something it usually only takes about 10 years to break through to my good senses. (That’s for you Rebecca)

On Thursday we launched Potty Time! and we did a good deed by purchasing that domain name because I won’t even say what used to be on it… (not kid friendly, enough said) so if you use WOT or something similar to keep your internet use safe, you might find that our site has a poor reputation there, your positive rating will help. You know me, just cleaning up the internet as I go!

So, yes, we now offer potty training powered by Signing Time! and it’s TOTALLY appropriate, and doesn’t confine potty training to just what happens in the bathroom. I teach your children that their bodies are amazing and that it’s important to listen to their bodies. I mean, when your body tells you that you are hungry you go get something to eat. So, when your body tells you that you need to use the potty, it’s pretty simple you stop what you are doing and go use the potty.

Pick up Potty Time at www.pottytime.com there is an introductory sale that ends tonight, SUNDAY November 6, 2011. So don’t wait!

The signs you will learn are: Grow – Love – I Love You (ILY) – Help – Amazing – Body – Eat – Drink – Sleep – Wake Up – Diaper – Potty – Wipe/Clean – Flush – Wash Hands – All Done/Finished – Water – Soap – Stop – Go – Underwear – Accident – Try – Careful – Celebrate (*there is a special feature for parents where we cover Poop and Pee and I know some of you will buy it just to see me teach that! Though the “PSA” about not using too much toilet paper is pretty classic, just because I know how many takes were needed to say it without getting the giggles.)

Don’t miss the Potty Time app for Android devices. You’ll get a kick out of it, I promise. You have no clue how many of my girl friends have already messaged me to let me know that I keep calling them to congratulate them on their toileting success. (iPod app is coming soon)

We had a lot of fun making Potty Time and I have to say that I get frustrated sometimes because I work really hard on these shows and for some reason, all you see in the end product is the very “zipped up”, Signing Time Rachel in her television box. When the editing process was over I again sat there scratching my head wondering why I did all of that crazy stuff when we were filming… the crazy, fun stuff that no one would ever see. So, I pulled rank;) and said, “I want a special feature!!” It also helps that I am married to one of the editors. Here are the outtakes and some of my “finest” moments~

And Then There Were Twins!

You are not going to believe this!! I guess it is only fitting with all the babies being born around here that I would have some babies too. Twins!

It took a few tries to get them started, I mean, just ask Brad and Angelina, when you are going for twins, it’s a little tricky 😉 Then it took just about 9 months for them to be ready to present to the world. It was, of course, a labor of love. Yesterday, I delivered them!

I am a proud mommy and happy to introduce you to, the only kind of babies I will personally be making: Baby Signing Time 3 & 4!!!

They even arrived with their very own web-site, www.babysigningtime.com – such technologically savvy babes!

Just like any parent, I am completely biased. In my opinion, these shows are the cutest shows we have done to date! I am very proud of these little babies!

As we neared completion on Baby Signing Time 3 & 4, we thought it might be cool to have some folks preview them, before the shows were released. We went straight to the internet. First let me share an amazing fact: 80% of Signing Time fans hear about Signing Time from a friend or family member! See, your friends do believe you and they listen to you and they even follow your recommendations!

We contacted a number of bloggers who had over the past year, blogged about using Signing Time, we asked if they would like to preview and review the shows. I figured it is a little way to say “Thank you!” for spreading the news about what we are doing. Sometimes, I hop on and comment on their posts… and some of them don’t think it’s really me doing that, but it is really me… I mean YOU guys know that.

Our reviewers were honest. They shared what they liked and didn’t like. They shared how their children reacted and how the grownups reacted. Me, I’m too close to it all, I had to keep reminding myself as I read them, “They are not talking about me, they are talking about my show.” Oh, but some of them were talking about me too. 😉

So, in no particular order, except for #1… it really is #1… because it is by far my very, very favorite!! (Odd that it is the most flattering, the most hilarious and at the same time it is slightly disturbing!)

Here are 10 great bloggers reviewing Baby Signing Time 3 & 4!!!

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Blogging Hallie (Thank you for mailing us cannoli, they rocked!!)
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I just have to say THANK YOU to all of the reviewers and to all of you out there who share your Signing Time experiences with people in your world, virtual and real. It is an honor that you welcome me and my family into your home and invite us to teach you and share our lives with you!!!

PS- Backpacking Dad, Call me! 😉 (I am totally kidding!)